Crossfire Oregon is one of the most competitive soccer academies for middle and high school aged men and women soccer players in the Pacific Northwest, formed though a collaborative partnership between Clackamas United Soccer Club, Lake Oswego Soccer Club, Oregon City Soccer Club, and Willamette United Football Club.

Directors Mortgage - Crossfire Oregon is proud that Directors Mortgage has become its academy level corporate sponsor. Through its partnership with Directors Mortgage, Crossfire Oregon will be able to continue to offer the most competitive developmental soccer experience while keeping costs to families as low as possible.

Premier Collegiate Soccer Preparation - Crossfire Oregon offers premier collegiate soccer preparation and development. Both mens and womens Crossfire Oregon teams regularly compete for state championships, but perhaps even more important is the collegiate exposure provided by Crossfire Oregon teams participating in COLLEGE SHOWCASE OPPORTUNITIES. In addition, Crossfire Oregon is affiliated with USClubSoccer at the national level and regularly sends its teams to tournaments such as the Dallas Cup, Surf Cup, NW Showcase of Champions, and others, where college soccer coaches from around the country come to observe premier high school aged players.

A Nike Sponsored Academy - Crossfire Oregon is a Nike Sponsored academy, with access to the latest in Nike athletic technology and equipment. It is common to see Nike development teams working with Crossfire Oregon mens and womens soccer teams, testing prototype gear before it is released to the general soccer market.

OSSA becomes Crossfire Oregon

May 3, 2013 - OSSA is proud to announce a partnership with CROSSFIRE PREMIER SOCCER CLUB based in Redmond, Washington effective immediately. This fall Oregon players will proudly wear the CROSSFIRE blue and black featuring the new CROSSFIRE OREGON SOCCER CLUB logo.

CROSSFIRE PREMIER is one of the country's top 20 clubs and has a national reputation for providing their players with the highest level of soccer instruction. Like OSSA, CROSSFIRE PREMIER is also Nike Premier Club, and CROSSFIRE OREGON will continue to fly the Nike Swoosh. CROSSFIRE PREMIER also participates in the United States Soccer Development Academy, the Elite Clubs National League, and the Western College Development Academy.

CROSSFIRE OREGON and CROSSFIRE PREMIER SOCCER CLUBS will collaborate to offer national quality coaching instruction, accelerated player development, competitive tournaments, instructional camps, clinics, and more. For more information about CROSSFIRE OREGON SOCCER CLUB and its partnership with CROSSFIRE PREMIER SOCCER CLUB please click here.

2010 - The Girl's Are Added

In 2010 the program expanded to serve the girl's U15 to U18 ages.

2010 proved to be another succesful year with girl's teams capturing Championships in the following tournaments:

US Club Oregon State Cup

Nomads San Diego

Northwest Champions League (NWCL)

San Diego Surf Cup

Oswego NIKE Cup

For 2011 OSSA has also expanded to include Willamette Utd (WUSC) and Oregon Soccer Academy (OSA). We are confident that by pooling all aspects of our operations from playing pools to coaching staff's OSSA will be able to provide a quality experience for all involved.

As of 2013 OSSA expanded further to include Oregon City SC (OCSC) and Clackamas United (CUSC).



2009 - OSSA - The Start

In 2009 Lake Oswego SC and Southside SC merged their High School aged boy's program's to form the OSSA (Oswego Southside Soccer Academy). The result was an improved program that specifically met the needs of our high school aged boy's. Results for year 1 were:

U17 OSSA Green - 2010 U17 State Champions (Pictured on left) - US Club Regional Finalist - US Club National Participant, U17 OSSA Black - State Semi Finalist, U16 OSSA Green - State Quarter Finalist,U16 OSSA Black - Presidents Cup Semi Finalist, U15 OSSA Green - State Quarter Finalist, U15 OSSA Black - Presidents Cup Champion

The Philosophy


The aim of OSSA is to develop each player to the best of their potential. This goal is reached through combining a proven training curriculum with coaches able to teach the game and players with the work ethic and ability to push themselves to develop. This philosophy stretches from U13 players to U18 players looking to continue to play at all levels of the college game.

For information on our program geared towards helping our players with selecting the right college for them to play soccer please review our Colleges section.

Specifically we look to the US Soccer Federation and other leading soccer organizations and what they recommend while balancing that with the individual needs of our teams and players.


Development of Individual Skills - Individual & Small Group Tactics

Adult standards and formal rules become applicable. The pace of development quickens at this time due to the acceleration of physical and mental maturation. The demands of skill training as well as training loads should increase thus provoking improvement in mental toughness, concentration and diligence. Awareness of tactics within the game becomes an important facet of the learning process. Players tend to be self-critical and rebellious, but have a strong commitment to the team.   Increase Tactical Speed (decision making under pressure)

Attacking: Keep possession; Encourage risk taking: taking players on in the proper areas of the field.
Defending: Proper pressure (in front and behind); Channel player; Immediate chase, angles of pressure.

Attacking: Keep possession: Support; Combination play: wall pass, take-over, overlap, double pass. Width, depth, penetration; Crossing with proper runs in the box; Simple set plays.
Defending: Angle and distance of cover. Balance. Delaying and pressing as a group.


Attacking: Keep possession. Play the ball away from pressure. Maintaining balance in the chosen system. Interchange of positions during the run of play. Encourage attackers to take defenders on in the final third. Keeper as an integral part of the attack (play balls back to the keeper). Players play a variety of positions.
Defending: Maintain good "shape". Zonal concepts. Knowing when to "delay" or "step." Clear decision on where the "line of confrontation" will be. Maintaining good "pressure & Cover" through all three thirds of the field.

All fitness work with the ball.

Flexibility - Static Stretching and Dynamic Flexibility
Agility- Coordination with and without the ball.
Strength - non-weight bearing, core strength and stability

The game should remain fun and enjoyable. Players should have a passion for the game.
Increase demands
Establish training targets
Maintain discipline
Encourage players/teams to watch professional and national teams games on tv.

The Game: 11 v 11


U15 and U16

Individual Skill Development

Small Group Ideas - Moving forward together on attack, realistic pressure, and how to help your team win the ball back.

How Small Group Ideas Tie Into Larger Team Concepts - Similarities between high and low pressure, keeping your back line connected with attacking players during possession in your attacking half, or rhythm of play issues - when to speed up and when to slow down.

Basic Positional Responsibilities - How responsibilities as a team are interconnected. For example, how backs share defensive responsibilities, how decisions that the defending line makes are related to the decisions of the players in front of them, or the role of the holding midfielder in your team's possession.

Accountability For Their Execution And Decisions With The Ball - Players at this age must aspire to have technical precision, Players must understand how their ability to collect and pass a ball has a direct impact on all aspects of the game.


U17 and U18

Technical Proficiency and Precision

Games Insight

Playing Different Systems

Employing Tactics Based On Your Opponents Strengths

Game Management